Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years

So I rang in 2011 while driving home from the airport, and it made me wonder if New Years Eve was a bit overrated as a holiday, because I certainly didn't feel any different after the clock turned from 11:59 to 12:00.

But then I got thinking about it, and New Years is really quite special. What else causes people all over the world to make goals to eat healthier, be kinder, organize their lives, and just be better?

Leaving 2010 was kind of sad, because a chapter in my life was closing that I will NEVER experience again (see previous hundred blog posts haha) but I'm excited for 2011!

I'm moving into an actual apartment for the first time where I'll have to make myself food (I miss my dining-plus card already), basketball season is coming up, my little sister will be graduating from high school (weird), people my age will be getting married and having babies, and who knows what else 2011 has in store!

Oh here's a little something you might like:
At the end of each year, my friend Shayla and I sit down and go through each month of the past year and write down our favorite memories/epic happenings from each.
It's really quite enjoyable and you'd be surprised about how much you can remember!

Here's a little advice I'm going to try to follow this New Year!

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