Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello Santa Barbara

.... Not the city in California, unfortunately.
But I am now a resident of Santa Barbara Apartments (which happen to be right down the street from J-Dawgs... sweet huh?). I live with the fabulous Rachel Nixon whom I met at the dorms (yep, we're both Helaman halls alumni) and the newest additions to our apartment are:
a kitchen-aid (thank you Rachel's sister),
a toaster (courtesy of Mitzi),
and Cable (as of last night-- we broke into the box illegally, haha jk).

We have a system where I bake dinner once a week and Rachel bakes dinner once a week...
and let me tell you,
its quite the educational experience considering the only food I know how to make off the top of my head is
toast and microwavable mac n' cheese...

I'm also a pro at doing laundry
(I learned how to do my own in London this last semester...... I probably shouldn't admit that)

This was how I did laundry for the first 19 years of my life...

... this is my laundry hamper now! woohoo for being independent.

Books I bought in London = decor for my room now

My lovely roommate leaves nice notes for me too! :)

Ooh, here's some more exciting news:
I chose a major!!

drumroll please...

Communication Disorders

I'm very excited about it.


  1. NO WAY! thats what kimberly and kaitlyn are doing!!!!! and i love you and you need to watch our spoof of the bachelor. and i love you. oh, did i mention that i love you? k good.

  2. i have that hamper! i love your apron! and cute apartment! is it just you two in your apartment?? how lucky! and communication disorders. cool! but what do you do exactly? i am retarded!