Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Getaway

How did we celebrate the life of this great crusader of civil rights??

By going to St. George of course!

It was a weekend full of intense tennis matches, hot tub seshes, lots of desserts, croquet battles and good chats with friends!

Possibly the most gorgeous sunset ever??
Photo cred goes to the talented J murr da blurr

Dinner with the group!

After failed attempts to eat at both Pizza Factories in St. George...
We ended up at the Claim Jumper.

I was a little bit creeped out by the huge deer head peering down as we ate...


Modeling comes naturally to them.

Markell was sick of walking in high heels.... (notice how Andrew is NOT being a gentleman)

... and apparently all four of us weren't able to manage carrying her... fail.

We visited the St. George Temple visitors center!
And Alex caught a glimpse into her future sister-missionary life

Sunday Dinner:

Our lovely cooks.
Look at their masterpiece!

It was DE-lish.

And somehow Sunday dinner ended with Shayla being power-bombed...?

For your enjoyment:

This was supposed to be a victory high-five.... until we missed each other's hands...

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