Thursday, March 22, 2012

Off Sugar

Mr JP and I have decided to go on a sugar-fast. 
Yep that means no more shake runs or dropping by rocky mountain chocolate factory. We even threw away the rest of a very delicious cake and locked up the cadbury chocolate eggs I just purchased.

We are very serious about this. 

And then of course, this morning at work, someone brought homemade golden oreos AND one of our patients brought us donuts. 
 It's like the universe is working against me... but I didn't cave! 

I amazed even myself with that shocking display of self control... but the consequences Mr JP and I decided on are pretty good motivation:

- If I cave first and eat a treat, I have to watch a whole basketball game with Jean Paul without my phone or laptop to entertain me...

- And if he caves first, then he has to tickle my back for a whole hour...

So, may the best man(woman) win!

My other motivation? (aside from the health benefits)
 I want to purchase one of these in the near future:


  1. Robert and I just finished a two month sugar fast! Good luck. If you ever have a hankering for sweets, just go to So. Good.

  2. love those swimsuits! but i could NEVER go on a sugar fast! you are a stronger woman than me :)

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  4. This post is so sweet! I'm studying dietetics so I always love hearing about couples motivating each other, so cute.

  5. Please share where to find the navy/white swimsuit? So cute!

    1. It's from Anthropologie! But sadly I don't think it is available anymore :(