Friday, April 13, 2012

Finals Start Tomorrow:

This is me. 
In my cubicle. 
Where I've been for the last two days and will be for the next 6. 
I emerge either to eat, or when my mind loses the ability to memorize anything else. And when the library kicks me out at 2 AM.
And speaking of eating, that includes mostly bags of Chex Mix and Dr. Pepper 10. 
I know, I'm a paradigm of healthy living. 

But here's the upside: in less than a week, this hellish semester will be over (pardon my language, but really this semester has been the roughest yet of my college career) and I am probably going to sit in a semi-comatose state (either from lack of sleep or caffeine overdose...) for four days. 
Oh, and then Spring Semester starts! Hooray! haha.