Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some Things I am Loving:

Hello there! 
Sorry it's been almost 5 days since my last post! Life sort of took over for a minute -- things like Organic Chemistry tests (hello 4+ hours in the testing center), a much-neglected messy apartment that needed cleaning, late night chatting (Mr. JP and I get funnier and funnier as the night gets later and later), and some exciting news* has been preoccupying my time and my thoughts.

But here are some things that I am loving lately! Enjoy :)

This is one of my favorite online magazines (gotta save those trees) -- very insightful and creative articles. 

Possible one of the sickest music videos ever produced. Ever. Watch it, love it, and you're welcome in advance.

One of my new favorite design blogs! Really fabulous stuff going on over here. 

Also, I'm just a little obsessed with flowy blouses and color blocking so when these two worlds collided I feel in love.

This pillow series is pretttttty awesome. Since I don't really have a good theme going on in our apartment I might just add one to the awesome hodge-podge that is our living room. 

Oh and of course I am obsessed with quotes, and here are some of my most favorite recent discoveries:

*I'm not pregnant, just to clear the air.


  1. I am kidding. Everyone asks that anytime you are married and don't have kids yet.