Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bridesmaid Sleepover and Brunch Extravaganza

There are few things better in this world than:
  • sleepovers with your BFF's
  • painting fingernails and re-painting nails that get ruined when you have to leap away from a spider
  • looking through bridal pictures while Katy Perry plays in the background (they are AWESOME by the way)
  • talking and talking and not realizing it's 4 AM already
  • eating a delicious brunch put together by my tireless mother (she is a saint and a miracle worker, literally) 
However, want to know one thing better than all this? Getting to marry my absolute favorite person in the entire world in exactly 24 hours.

The Sleepover:

The Brunch:

Haha look familiar?


  1. Dayummmm. You are too cute in everything you do. I remember a post you wrote about not being crafty..that is bull.

  2. This movie is SO funny! I adore Kristen Wiig and she was hilarious, in my opinion! Its a funny movie mostly for women, but my brother laughed a few times too, so maybe you can even watch it with your boyfriend :D