Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goodbye Miss Collins...

The morning of my wedding was a little bit surreal. 
It hadn't really hit me yet that in a few short hours, I would actually be married
I had stayed up late with some of my best friends chatting and freaking out and looking at my bridals again haha but I didn't have trouble sleeping the night before (I can't remember a night I couldn't fall asleep haha).

However I woke up early and was w i d e awake. 

I got up out of my bed for the last time, showered for the last time in my shower, blow dried my hair, and went with my mom to get our makeup done. 
(just for the record, I LOVE my makeup lady. She is unreal.)

I came home and curled my hair, then my two friends/turned bridesmaids/turned hairstylists came over and got me all put together. 

Then I put on my Sunday clothes to go to the temple, loaded up my wedding dress, hugged everyone goodbye for the last time as Grace Collins, and walked out the door. 



  1. who was your makeup lady?

    1. Her name is Tracy! and She works at the Estee Lauder make up counter at Dillard's Department Store in Provo.