Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding 27, 28, & 29

On Saturday, we went to 3 wedding receptions.
Yep, 3 in one night. They were so fun and beautiful!

One was for a girl in my ward, the next one was for a girl that has been friends with my family for a long time, and the last one was for a girl I have known my entire life (our birthdays are 1 day apart, making you instant BFF's when you are in preschool).

I know what you're thinking now, and yes, Jean Paul and I will come to your wedding too.
Just send us an invite!
But I'm not sure where you would send it, because we don't even have a place to live yet... oops.  


  1. so you're coming to mine then?? :) haha

  2. you are stunning. you look like a model. i love your dress. i love your hair. and you have legggsss for dayyysss!! i can't wait to go to your wedding :)

  3. where did you get that beautiful dress? i love it!!

  4. Thank you! It's Antonio melani from Dillard's!