Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"No wise man ever wished to be younger."

I found this image on my friend's blog

My birthday was yesterday!
It was lovely. My dad made me breakfast, my work had bagels and muffins to celebrate, my boss took us all to lunch, and my mom brought me cupcakes while I was working too!

Apparently my birthday translates to: "Lets feed Grace as much as possible."

Which is fine by me :)

After work I hiked up to Stuart Falls with some family (and future family!) and friends and then came home to a BBQ and cake and ice cream.

It was an absolutely fabulous birthday, if I do say so myself.
 Really guys?


 J dawg and K man (aka brother and his g-friend)

 Apparently I have one hiking outfit because I was definitely wearing the same tank top when we hiked to Squaw Peak... sorry... blogging fashion fail haha.

 And yes, my Gram came on the hike too. She is a champ.

Blog title is a quote by Jonathan Swift

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