Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Game of Golf:

School starts in two weeks. TWO. It hit me today, sometime in between making steak fajitas for dinner and peach cobbler for dessert (the family went out of town this morning, which means Mr JP and I had to fend for ourselves for Sunday dinner... I know, poor us.) This summer flew by, literally the fastest summer I have ever experienced. Partially because I was in school until the end of June and partially because I'm using last summer as a reference which was definitely the slowest summer in recent memory (most likely because I was counting down each day until my wedding date - remember that?).

Anyways, we have been frantically trying to make the most of these last few summer days -- especially because Mr JP starts law school orientation on Wednesday-- and that led us to a fantastic evening of golfing with my parents! I love going out with them, they are my favorite. And since neither Mr JP nor I has been golfing in... umm.. years... they were really good sports to put up with us haha.  We loved it! Mr JP and I even put a little wager between the two of us... and we ended up tying. What are the chances?! Who ties in golf? 

Providing some much needed coaching. 

aww... they're the best.  

and the night ended with this gorgeous thing! I love living in Utah. 

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