Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last Wedding of the Summer!

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of my absolute favorite-people-in-the-whole-world's wedding!
Miss Molly Jane was married this past weekend!
She looked like Cinderella, and was basically glowing the whole day. She looked stunning!
And she has to die for long red hair, it's amazing.

But here was the real dilemma of the day: I was at a serious loss for what to wear to the wedding.

I decided on one outfit, but then discovered that Molly Jane was going to be donning the same shirt as part of her going away outfit, so that was a no go.

Then I remembered a dress my sister-in-law owned, and figured it would be perfect.
Except it was about 4 inches too short. 
It was like the universe was conspiring against me.

I was almost ready to start searching for a different dress, when my sweet mother-in-law came to the rescue and insisted I let her sew some antique lace she had just purchased off ebay onto the bottom of the dress. 
(that's not a joke... she loves ebay)

And voila! Here is the dress in all it's glory:
thank heavens for mother-in-laws huh? haha

We are all really good at taking pictures and not awkward one bit...

aww... congrats Molly Jane! Seems like just yesterday we were matching in Paris :)

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