Saturday, August 4, 2012

An Arizona Wedding:

Mr JP and I (along with a few friends) made the 10-hour-drive down to Arizona for our good friend Brooklyn's wedding! (I attended her bridal shower a few weeks ago!)

Apparently we just can't get enough of road trips this summer.

The entire day was beautiful (and about 102 degrees haha).
Brooklyn and her now-husband John looked stunning and it was so much fun catching up with friends and making new ones. 

And they will be living right by us! Which makes me thrilled because although Mr JP is completely content hanging out with only me or by himself, I enjoy having couple friends to go out with haha. So yay for new married friends!


  1. Do you mind me asking where you got your cute black sandals from?

    1. Not at all! I found them on sale at Anthropologie! I was pretty thrilled about it haha