Thursday, August 16, 2012

Don't Mess With the Classics

So Mr JP and I are supposed to be off-sugar.
But somehow, temptations just keep popping up and preventing us from completely sticking to our resolution...
For example, when out and about scootering around late last night, how could we say no to this sight?!

It was nearly impossible to resist.
 Actually completely impossible because we immediately turned into the Baskin Robbins parking lot.

Which brings me to my next point:

When was the last time you ate ice cream from Baskin Robbins?! 

Let me tell you, overlooking this unassuming little ice cream shop is a grave mistake I have been guilty of these past few years. 
Their flavors are to. die. for.

I have been blinded by all these fancy places like Cold Stone or Farr's Fresh, when actually the real gem was sitting right there on Bulldog Blvd, who knew?

Mr JP is actually very very good at not eating sugar. This was the first time he had cheated in a very long time. 
My self control, on the other hand, well, it's almost nonexistent.
Oh well, I guess we complete each other?

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  1. haha, this is great. I actually went to Baskin Robbins on Wednesday with my work. Sooo good.