Friday, July 20, 2012

A Bridal Shower for Brooklyn!

Brooklyn was the first new friend I met my freshman year of college (beside my roommate of course). And she is getting married in two weeks!!
Brooklyn is hilarious. And we may or may not have shared a twin bed for multiple nights in a row on several occasions... But that's probably one of the reasons we're still such good friends haha
I am so excited for her and her fiance John!
I was able to attend a bridal shower for her this past week and as you all have probably figured out by now, bridal showers are one of my favorite things in the whole world haha so here are pictures! :)

Here's Jord - she's the master party planner. 

mah girl markelly.

aaand here's Brooklyn! She's in the chambray shirt. Opening the present. haha. 

She had to get a balloon tied to her crown every time she answered a question wrong during a game...

aww.. freshman-year friends!!

and here's markell and i to end the post. because somehow i didn't manage to get a picture of brooklyn and i together haha. 

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  1. LOVE you grace!!!! ps I'm so glad we got to document the outfit change haha. Can't wait to see you in 12 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!