Friday, July 27, 2012

And Last But Not Least, San Francisco!

In San Francisco we stayed with some of our good friends Cody and Alysse! 
Which was awesome because they took us around to the local spots.
i.e. some of the best food we've ever eaten and most importantly, introduced us to 
Bob's Donuts

They were easily the most delicious donuts I have ever had, ever. 
And Mr JP would definitely agree, because he had 6 in one sitting. 

Another highlight of the trip was that Les Misérables was being performed at a theatre there! 
So obviously, we had no choice but to go. 
And it was absolutely incredible and made me even more excited for the movie that is coming out in December!

Mr JP crossed something off my bucket list for me during this trip too!
See, when I was living in London I would always see men buying these beautiful, brown-paper-wrapped flowers on the street and carrying them home to a girlfriend or wife or whomever on the tube.  It seemed so romantic! 
And so when we were exploring the city and Mr JP offered to buy me some flowers, I just about died haha.

We also went down to the Ferry Building, drove Lombard street (we did it last time but I love it so much I made Mr JP do it again haha), and drove along the Marin Headlands which gave us gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge (even though it was super windy!). 

We love you San Francisco!

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