Monday, July 9, 2012

California Part 2:

This year's theme at the beach was 
"The Olympics"

All 30 of us were divided into 5 teams (because there are 5 uncles) and each team was the country where the uncle had served his LDS mission!
So the countries were: Thailand, Brazil, England, Scotland, & Japan (Which was my team!)

Each day there was a different challenge and for each challenge gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded.  
(My mom planned the whole thing! Like I've said before, she's Wonderwoman.)

So the schedule for the Collins Summer Games (ha!) looked something like this:

Sunday was the opening ceremonies (which included the floating lanterns!)
Monday was the golfing challenge. 
Tuesday was various tasks involving frisbee
Wednesday was the 4th of July, so the games were put on a temporary hiatus. 
Thursday was track & field, which was hilarious.
And Friday was the closing ceremonies!

You can read about last year's beach theme here.

The Teams

A very enthusiastic Brazil:

A quite unfriendly trying-not-to-smile England:

A culturally-correct Japan:

A Bravehearted Scotland (get it?):

 And a super friendly, happy-go-lucky Thailand!

Let the games begin!


  1. Oh my cutest thing ever! How fun! Your mom is a rockstar.

  2. so cool. I wanna do family reunions this way.

  3. This is really random, but would you go into a little more detail about each challenge? We are headed to the beach during the Olympics and I would love to incorporate this theme! Any info you are willing to share would be so appreciated!

    1. Definitely!
      Monday - golf: we used giant marshmallows for balls and two members had to use a driver to see how far you could hit the marshmallow on the sand, then two different team members lined up and had to chip the marshmallow into a big floaty thing, then the last two members went out on the street and you had to putt your marshmallow and try to aim between two poles haha.
      Tuesday - Frisbee: you chose someone to throw it as far as they could, then the teams had to do a relay and had to stretch out along the beach and throw the frisbee past a certain point with no one dropping it. (with certain points awarded to whoever did it the fastest - 10 points for first, 7 for 2nd, etc)
      The track and field day was full of random challenges that we found online, mostly relay stuff with the teams and whatnot.

      After each day/challenge, we had a "medals ceremony" where the gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded to the teams with the most overall points from that challenge. for medals we used candy with the appropriate colored wrapping haha.
      I hope that is helpful! Be sure and email me with anymore questions :)

  4. I think it's awesome that you were on team Japan because I WAS JUST THERE! No kidding, I just came back from a 2 week mission trip to Japan one week ago. I was there from June 30-July 11! It was really amazing and God showed me so much. I want to go back!