Tuesday, July 10, 2012

California Part 3:

This is the last post about our beach trip! 
Thanks for bearing with me :)

There is something that completely enthralls me about the ocean. 
I love it. I absolutely love it.
I am forever grateful that my parents had me in swim lessons from before I could walk (which led to swim team, swim coaching, and becoming a lifeguard) because I love being in water, but there is really nothing else that compares to swimming in the ocean.

Being a Utah girl, I only get to visit the ocean once or maybe twice a year if I am lucky, but oh I am enamored with it! 
I found this quote on pinterest a while back and it rings true on a consistent basis for me:

Yeah... here is a really good shot of me post-boogie boarding...
But on a more serious note, can you imagine how much hair our children are going to have?!
 and here's my favorite 5-year-old again :)

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  1. I was a swimmer, instructor, and lifeguard too! Love the water!!