Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Movie Goers

Mr JP and I love going to the movies.
It's one of our favorite things to do!
It's a little bittersweet now because we recently lost our favorite movie going/watching partners because they just had to up and move to Vienna. You can read about their awesome adventures here if you want.

But we're coping. 

Anyways, we've become really big fans of the Broadway Theatre up in Salt Lake City; they show independent films from festivals all over the world. And Mr JP likes it because they have imported chocolate from Switzerland at the concession stand.
It is pretty awesome. 

Two of our favorites that we've seen recently are:

 This one was great. It's the same director as Fantastic Mr. Fox which I'm a huge fan of. Probably wouldn't be enjoyable for everyone, but it's some pretty fantastic filmmaking. 


Now this one is FABULOUS! Everyone would enjoy it. It's clever and witty, the acting is superb, the storyline is unique, and you leave feeling uplifted, which I love from a movie. It's the same director who did Shakespeare in Love!

We have also seen:
Which I enjoyed quite a bit, probably because I had low expectations and a girl-crush on Emma Stone. Mr JP didn't like it but he's a movie snob so I didn't expect him to haha.

And of course, we are dying to see The Dark Knight Rises later this week!! 
Perhaps we'll see it in California. 

Oh I forgot to mention, Mr JP and I are taking a little road trip to California this weekend for a good friend's wedding, then driving up the coast to San Fransisco (!!) which is probably one of our top 3 favorite cities in the world. More about the trip later...

Anyways, I'm curious: any movies/documentaries you love and think we would love too?
We're always open to suggestions :)

 This is us after watching the Marigold Hotel movie. 
And Mr JP's shorts aren't pink, they're red hahah.


  1. i havent seen those other movies, but i loved moonrise kingdom, seriously its really funny.

  2. Whatever! Spiderman was AMAZING!!! haha. I've been wanting to see Moonrise Kingdom! I feel like I'm using a lot of these!!! Anyway, Jeff and I love going to movies if you're interested :) Also, so jealous you're going to Jenna's wedding. Have so much fun.

  3. Ahhhhh movies just aren't the same!!!!!! We are scoping out the best theaters here for when you come to visit! I have wanted to see the Marigold Hotel so I'm glad you liked it. We LOVE and miss you guys so much!
    ps I love that Jean didn't like Amazing Spider man...haha we thought man destroying lizards were right up his alley.

  4. ya ofcourse spiderman is really amazing and also dark knight is just stunning ... lot of actions and the movie really satisfies me a lot ... :) :)