Monday, February 3, 2014

Fire & Ice Festival:

Here's what you will see of our Saturday night:

>>> kissing in front of ice sculptures

>>> kissing the ice sculptures themselves

>>> admiring reindeer and also trying to be a reindeer...

Here's what you won't see:

> the fireworks. They were AMAZING too. But you know what? Pictures of fireworks never do them justice, and plus I usually end up missing the fireworks show because I'm so overly concerned about capturing them on my camera. So now, I don't even try, and I have to say I enjoy fireworks a heck of a lot more now haha. 

> the marriage proposal that occurred in the middle of the fireworks show, it was beautiful and sweet and I didn't capture even one second of it because the camera was put away, as per the above reasons. 

> the delicious mexican food we ate afterwards. Why is mexican food so good when you're starving?!

> our attempt to be olympians, but you can see it here on my instagram. 

Here's to a new week! 
(and a new resolve to be more regularly about blogging! forgive me!)

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