Friday, February 7, 2014

And now I give you: the most important aspect of our superbowl party

Oh man I just love Superbowl Sunday!!
And not really because I love (or even understand...) football, but the 30 people that come over do! And the excitement level is contagious. 

Also can I just say that watching any major event has become a lot more fun now that twitter is around? It's like watching the Golden Globes, superbowl, bachelor premier, or the olympics with all your favorite, hilarious people at once. It's the best. 

Anyways, the superbowl "snackadium" (get it?) was nothing short of spectacular this year, as you can see above. And I loved the halftime show (you can see when I met Bruno Mars in person here!) and I have to say, the commercials outdid themselves!