Monday, September 13, 2010


This is a post dedicated to a very important part of my London experience: food. Seriously, I never properly appreciated good food until A) I had to buy it myself and in POUNDS, and B) I walked into a grocery store and didn't recognize ANYTHING.

There is graffiti all over my bunk bed and one thing a girl wrote was:
"Go big or go home, or just go home big!" hahaha. So depressing.

But you see, we only get two meals a day at the centre -- breakfast and dinner, so lunch is on our own and snacks are up to you too.
Tonight I decided I should go buy some healthy snacks, So me, Mackenzie, and Morgan set out to Tesco (AKA albertsons... kind of. Not really). I walked out of there with:
  • Dr Pepper (best purchase in London yet)
  • Cadbury caramels
  • strawberry cheesecake yogurt
  • Kinder bueno chocolate bar
  • frosted yogurt biscuits
  • some fruit
hmmm.... not exactly what I was originally going for... can you say SUGAR HIGH??
But hey, we've walked like 8,000 miles in the past two weeks so that counts for something right???

Last meal in the USA!!

HOSS candy cane

HOSS lollipop

Best Thai food EVER: Tuk Tuk

Look how big that meringue is?!

Oh Herrods. We discovered that if you go right when they're closing, they sell all their sweets "buy one, get one free!"
this might be problematic

Lunch on the steps of St. Paul's. It's pretty funny... You can tell when it's almost lunchtime because about 30 minutes before we get food everyone gets really quiet... and somber... and then as soon as we eat suddenly the conversation gets a lot more lively haha.
Devri was way pumped about her sandwich

Me at a bar......
Jordan at a bar....... in a museum

Not eating here ever... gross.

Basically our mantra. Some of the girls wear pedometers and we figured out that we walk like a thousand miles a day. Just kidding, we haven't figured it out yet, but we're going to.

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