Saturday, September 25, 2010

J'aime Paris

I don't think I've ever been more busy/exhausted/emotionally drained/happy as I was this last week. Paris is soo incredible! And I was there with 36 amazing girls which made it that much better! Here's a short list of everything I did (haha): deep breath...

Sailing on the Seine at night. eating crepes. rooming with molly. eating chocolate for breakfast every morning (the French put chocolate in EVERYTHING). Chartres Cathedral. Versailles. Latin Corner for dinner. Ate some pastries. Champs de Elysees (one of the most famous avenues in the world??). Arc de Triomphe at night (Paris is unreal gorgeous at night). Notre Dame. Ate another crepe. San Chappelle (ALL stained glass church). Gardens. Musee d'Orsay (GG season 4 anyone?). Musee d' Orangerie. EIFFEL TOWER. The Louvre: Mona Lisa. Venus de milo. Rosseau. David. Gericault. Delacroix. I LOVE THE LOUVRE. Molly and I had matching outfits. Ate another crepe. Moulin Rouge. Navigated the Metro (literally I had a sixth sense for it). Didn't get pickpocketed. Got called "Lady Gaga" by the gypsies. Musee Rodin. ate some more pastries. Bought a French vogue (couldn't help myself). Asked some guy for directions IN FRENCH turns out he was American. Ate 6 panini's. Snuck to the top of Paris Opera house Garnier (the one that inspired 'Phantom of the Opera'). Centre George Pompadeau (best modern art museum EVER). Sang in the rain. Ate pizza by a fountain. Ate 26 meringues. sailed across the channel, twice. Dance partied in front of every major site. Amien Cathedral. 7 WWI sites. Tony is our coach driver, he's a champ. Didn't have the internet/facebook for 5 days and didn't really mind. Decided that I'm taking intro to French winter semester with Molly.

I loved Paris.
But now London feels like home :)


Ferrying across the channel

Hour 1 on the coach

Hour 36 on the coach

Crepe number 1

Big Pappa Crepe. Literally named that on the menu - nutella, bananas, whipped cream!

Hello mr. crepe maker

Arc de Triomphe

Kissy-face peace signs hahaha


Hotel number 1 (aka the spaceship)

Hotel number 2 (aka the penthouse)

Monet's Waterlilies in the Orangerie

I'm thinkin.... I'm thinkin....
Morgan, Mackenzie, Me, Jordan, Molly

I am so in love with this city!

Ice cream at the Eiffel Tower. Does life get much better?

Lisa, Devri, me, Olivia, Jordan, Molly, Morgan, Mackenzie


  1. Thank for finally putting up this glorious scrapbook of Paris! You and Molly look freakishly alike! Mmmmmm, nutella. You are now our official tour guide for Paris too! Missd skypeing you this week!! Let's set up a date for Tuesday afternoon (for me) evening (for you). Deal?