Thursday, September 30, 2010

To be or not to be...

This week might as well have been a Shakespearean festival. First, we had the opportunity to see The Merry Wives of Windsor at the Globe Theater! Then the next day we went to: Shakespeare's wife's home, Shakespeare's mom's farm, Shakespeare's birthplace, Shakespeare's mansion, and Shakespeare's grave! Stratford is a really beautiful little town, and they have a Harry Potter store so I got to drink BUTTERBEER!

Just waiting in line at the Globe...

True Shakespearean experience = standing during all 2.5 hours of the play...
so we all wore our comfy shoes!
olivia, me, kenz, molly, morgan, devri

Inside the Globe Theater!
Lisa, Kaitlyn, me, Molly, Jani, Claire
We were "groundlings"
Jani, Molly, Me, Devri

Snuck an illegal pic during the play...

St. Tate and his minions at Shakespeare's wife's home.

Just working on Shakespeare's mom's farm..

Shakespeare's Birthplace!

Phrases that Shakespeare coined:
  • "neither rhyme nor reason"
  • "star-crossed lovers"
  • "kill him with kindness"
  • "a sorry sight"
  • "the short and the long of it"
  • "what the dickens!"

cool huh?

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  1. Hurray for updates! And pictures! And Shakespeare! And great quotes (and cute coats)!