Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just keeps getting better

Last week, I went to Portobello market and thought I was in Heaven.
Then yesterday we went to Borough food market and I was in food heaven.
But today we went to Camden Market.

It is Portobello Road on steroids!
I am going to have no money when I leave this place! But I'll have some really cute clothes/jewelry/coats/hats. That makes it okay right? Right.

My week wasn't purely shopping though. We went to the Tower of London on yesterday. That's where Anne Boleyn was executed! It was very cool. Then we walked across the river Thames on the Tower Bridge and arrived at Borough Market for lunch.
Dang it, somehow I just can't get away from the shopping...

A little visual aid displayed at the Tower of London... haha. It seems a little ironic don't you think?

Some words of wisdom from the Hard Rock Cafe

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  1. Be sure to put pictures of Paris up! I can't wait to see what you did there - besides shopping that is. . . Your grandmother would be appalled that you only know three French words. Missing hearing from you. Max's B-day is tomorrow - be sure to wish him a good one. Lots of Love