Monday, February 27, 2012

The Best Sunday of the Year!

 I looooove the Oscars. 
My little brother and I watch them together every year and the past few years it has turned into quite a party!
Everyone fills out ballots guessing who is going to win each category and whoever gets the most right is hailed as the Oscar King (okay not really... but they usually get a prize of some sort).
The dresses this year were fabulous; some of my favorites were Kristin Wiig, Berenice Bejo, and Livia Giuggioli's.
I also have a whole list of movies I need to see now, and can we talk about how great Meryl Streep's acceptance speech was?!


  1. The speech was much better than the movie.

  2. disagree Anonymous. The movie was UN-RIL!! You have no room to judge. You don't even have a name.