Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

 This past weekend we decided to continue the one-year-old tradition of making heart shaped pizza's for Valentine's day. 

Last year's date was quite successful if you ask me: 9 couples came and 5 of them ended up getting married to each other!
This year was a bit more low key, but I absolutely loved it that way.  
Cooking with Mr. JP always makes me laugh, because he is very serious about his food; I was hardly allowed to touch our pizza!
We also have completely different tastes so our pizza was split right down the middle haha. 


We matched. Not even planned.

 Hope your Valentine's Day is lovely!


  1. Oh this looks so fun! I could definitely go for some (heart-shaped) pizza right now!


  2. this is far too adorable... home made pizzas are the best!