Saturday, May 19, 2012

An Engagement Party:

Last night my mom threw an engagement party for the lovely couple Will and Eliza!  
(I mentioned their engagement back here). 
Will is my cousin and I am SO excited for Eliza to be my cousin soon too!
Last weekend I got to help make some of the crafts (table arrangments, wreaths, etc) for her wedding and let me tell you, it is going to be AMAZING! Sort of a rustic-vintage-shabby chic feel - Eliza has the best taste too, so it’s going to be unreal. I’m so excited to see it all put together.

Anyways, the engagement party was so much fun! There was dinner, a round of “The Newly-Wed Game,” and such a clever theme! My mom is such a master party planner that she had water bottles with “Will & Eliza” labels, vintage table cloths (to keep with the wedding theme), and all the guests were instructed to bring their favorite recipe, along with all the non-perishable ingredients to go along with it – cute huh?

 The master party planner herself, isn't she beautiful?!

 The Newly-Wed Game = Hilarious

 Ahh! The cutest couple!

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