Thursday, May 31, 2012

And we have decided!

So, as some of you may know, Mr JP wants to be a lawyer.
He took the LSAT back here, applied to a bunch of schools a few months later, and then we got to play the waiting game.

But soon enough the letters started coming in and because Mr JP works so hard (a little husband-bragging moment, sorry about that) we had lots of choices as to where he could go this Fall!
Did we want to move to the east coast? Live in California? We were in major life-decision mode for a while (which I haven't really had to be in since, well, right before I got engaged) but Mr JP finally made his decision and will be attending BYU Law School this Fall!!

Way to go darling!
And this way I get to finish school too, so thank you for that :)

In honor of this decision, here is a really great picture of us from the last time we hiked the Y where it looks like I am not wearing shorts but actually I am:


  1. One of Tyler's best friends is going to BYU Law this fall too! We will have to have everyone over for a dinner or something.

    1. Really? Yes lets do it!! And because we haven't seen you guys in ages either!