Friday, June 1, 2012

TGIF: Instagram Lovin

Tennis Rackets + Eiffel Towers

I'm completely corrupted now thanks to Monster Thursday every week at work.

Yay for foot shots! 
Those shoes are my City Creek purchase! 

Also, I make the same face in every picture I take with my sister... 
[see below]

Best sno-cone shack on the mainland. Hands down. 

Yogurtland has a new flavor -- passionfruit, guava, blueberry something or other. And I am obsessed with it. 

The Pie Pizzeria with friends!

Bachelorette nights are back in full swing. 
And my friends Brian and Tanner are Emily's biggest fans haha. 

See? Told you I make the same face. 
Isn't this a great picture of us though?

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