Monday, June 25, 2012

A Whole Wedding Weekend:

My cousin Will got married this past weekend! And I am so so thrilled about it because now I can call Eliza my cousin!! (She's the one I threw the bachelorette party for a couple weeks ago!)

I love family weddings, because I get to see everyone I love and we always have a blast when we all get together. Combine that with the incredible amount of happiness that was basically emanating from the bride and groom and I have to say it was one of my favorite weddings ever!

Oh and have I told you how much Mr JP loves to dance at weddings?  I used to be completely anti-dancing (I'm a terrible dancer) but Mr JP has completely transformed me -- I love it now! Weddings have definitely become a lot more entertaining since I married him haha there's never a dull moment.

One more thing about Mr JP -- who knew that I was marrying someone I would have to dress to keep up with? My goodness he has style! And I can't be outdressed by my husband... that would be totally unacceptable haha. 

The Wedding Dinner:

A Little Sonic Run After the Temple Ceremony:
Because sometimes double-fisting drinks is the only option...

The Reception:
The bride and her mother hand made EVERYTHING! Her bouquet, the boutinnaires, the centerpieces, the banners, etc. etc. 
It was incredible!!
And her dress is from an antique store! Crazy huh?
She looked absolutely stunning. 

My sister, me, Eliza, and then Will's two sisters (my cousins) Caroline and Sarah!

My madre, me, and my sis

 I've said this before but really, the only downfall to being married is that I can't participate in the bouquet toss anymore... I was a freakin champ at catching that thing!

This is my favorite little girl right here:
and our outfits matched!

Doesn't this melt your heart??

Aaaand then Mr JP got a hold of the camera and there were suddenly a lot of close up shots of my post-dancing face...

Happy Monday!!


  1. You were probably the most photogenic person at that entire wedding! You look gorgeous in that blue :)

  2. I really love your wedding outfit! Like what you wore to the sealing. That lace top is SO cute!