Friday, June 15, 2012


  1.  Finals are OVER.
  2. The Heat won last night. (I don't really care but that makes for a happy husband, which makes for a happy wife)
  3. I've had Thai food for dinner 2 out of the last 2 nights now, and I'm seriously considering it for round 3 tonight...
  4. Mr JP showed up bearing gifts for me two nights ago, (i.e. a new phone case and some Burberry perfume) I was SO taken aback but then he explained that his company had a bunch of free rewards points they had to use, and he decided to buy ME stuff with them! Instead of himself! How did I end up with this guy?
  5. On a healthier note, I have decreased my caffeine consumption to only 1-2 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper a day... it wasn't easy...
  6. California is calling... & it's only TWO more weeks til I get to see the beach! 
  7. My apartment is a mess, but it doesn't even stress me out because I know that now I have time to clean it! (Is that pathetic or what?)
  8. Oh I bought some orange paint for a little project that I now have time to do! So excited!
  9.  Sno-Cones are now a regular part of my diet. 
  10. And my flower garden that I was obsessed with last year? It's starting to bloom again!!

So basically this whole post can be summed up with the words

On a completely unrelated note, did you know I always wanted to name one of my (future) daughter's "Summer"?
Well, obviously the dream died when I married Mr JP. 
"Summer Brummer"

She would hate us.


  1. I love this! Um where do you get Thai from? I've been craving some good Thai food!

    1. Spicy Thai! It's the BEST. It's next to Magleby's Fresh on University Avenue!

  2. Hahahaha, I wanted to name a boy Luke, but Luke Duke doesn't work either!

  3. I LOVE SUMMER BRUMMER! Eric wants to name a girl Summer too...they could be twins hahaha

  4. Spicy Thai in Provo is great!

    1. Yes! That's the only place I go! I love it!

  5. Summer Brummer. hahahaha. Please do it. I'm dying.

  6. Kind of like I love the name Jefferson and it also died when I married a Mr. Davis. Jefferson Davis.....he would get lynched.