Monday, June 4, 2012

Party Time

You know me, I love any excuse for a party. 
And it’s not every day that someone turns 50! That’s half a century!

My awesome mom, (who probably wouldn’t be thrilled I’m posting her age on here but I feel okay about because she seriously hasn’t aged since college, it’s unreal) turned 50 this weekend and so obviously, we needed to throw a party! It was more of a get-together with close friends and family, complete with 50 balloons, delicious desserts, and Italian sodas.
So Happy Birthday Mom! 
If I am half the woman you are when I turn 50, I will consider my life a success.


  1. Love your blog! What darling decorations and fun ideas! Where on earth did you find all those Torani Italian Soda flavors?!?! So festive and flavorful.

    x Katie

    1. aww thank you!! We found them at a little local grocery store called Day's Market! If you live in Provo, it's on Canyon Road!

  2. GTK! Thanks Grace!

    x Katie

  3. Your mom is THE COOLEST!!! I've loved her since our Wasatch days :)