Wednesday, June 6, 2012


say hello to the two newest fans of bluebell ice cream! 
i had never tried it, because well i haven't ever been to Texas, but then i discovered that a little ice cream shop opened in Provo that sells it!

so obviously, mr JP and i had to see if it lived up to the hype.
(we're kind of huge ice cream fans... we visit the creamery on 9th at least twice a week... we frequent the drive-thru at McDonald's for the sole purpose of getting their vanilla cone... etc etc. we are going off sugar though.... tomorrow)

and i do believe it did! 
cookie dough for him and milk chocolate for me


  1. We went there last week too. DELISH.:)

  2. I'm from Texas, but will be going to BYU in the fall, and I was really depressed knowing that I'll leave my Bluebell ice cream soon, but now I'm happy to know that I won't have to! What is this place called so I can check it out :)?!

    1. Yeah! Like Erica said, they sell it at this little ice cream parlor inside Provo Beach Resort! It's part of Riverwoods outdoor mall. I'm sure you'll become very familiar with it next year! Congrats on coming to BYU in the Fall! I'm excited for you!

  3. oh my gosh, we love that ice cream place, seriously so good.


  4. I LOVE bluebell!!!! It's the best! That's so awesome they opened it in Utah!

  5. that ice cream looks amazing! but it's at byu creamery... of course it is :) cute blog!

  6. I'm a Texas girl so I'm a little biased when I say that BlueBell ice cream is the best in the world - but this doesn't stop me from eating all sorts of ice cream. It's my favorite. If they have the Red Velvet Blue Bell you MUST try it. It just came out and it is diviiiiiine.