Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little R & R...

Today we are heading out for California FOR 10 DAYS! 
I. Am. So. Excited. 
It's basically all I can think about... or talk about...

I am currently trying to: finish the laundry, frantically pack/clean the house (is there anything worse than coming home from vacation to a dirty house?? I submit there is not), while also trying to find a substitute for my primary class, and figure out why my instagram isn't working (oh yeah, I do have instagram, you can follow me if you like :) username: graciebrummer). 
Why didn't I do any of this before today?


I don't have a good answer. 
It's weird, before I was married I was the type of person who was completely packed and ready to go the night before or even a couple days before leaving, and now somehow Mr JP has turned me into an "oh we're leaving in two hours? Better start packing then" kind of person. 
I don't know how he did it... 
Actually I think I do know. It's probably because we would much rather run around doing fun things with each other than sit down and pack (i.e. we've seen two movies this week and gone out to eat three times... who needs to be responsible? not us.)

So the next time I'm on here will be from a beach in California! 
Have a fantastic weekend!!

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