Monday, May 14, 2012

A Monday Lifesaver:

Today was not a good Monday for us.
I woke up with a headache that progressed to a migraine and ended with me missing my last class of the day and having to take a two-hour test while seeing double-vision -- it was a party, let me tell you.

And then poor Mr. JP, he runs home from work almost everyday, but today- either because it was so hot or he hadn't drank enough water throughout the day- arrived at home basically suffering from heat stroke. 
So needless to say, at about 6 o'clock PM we were both laying on the floor of our apartment in pitiful condition. 

And then, for some reason, it began to be kind of hilarious how unfortunate our situation was, and it was decided that the best option at that point was to make a recently-pinned  
Lime Slush:


Vanilla Ice Cream
Sprite or 7up
1 tsp. vanilla per batch
Lime Juice

* fill your blender with ice cream. gradually add soda. squeeze in lime juice according to desired tartness and lots of ice.

* blend well.

* There isn't an exact measurement to these- you just want them to end up thick and sour. You'll find the perfect concoction. 

[Disclaimer --> the first batch we made I might have put in like half a cup of lime juice which was about 5x's too much... so maybe add that particular ingredient sparingly.]


  1. Oh, no! Migranes are the worst! Hope you and your hubby are feeling 100 times better!

    I'm going to have to try that Lime Slush! Looks so good! :)