Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend: Summed Up

Our weekend consisted of:

 a drive to St. George 
 a mixed doubles tennis match that Mr. JP and I lost in a TIEBREAKER
 a little excursion through Colorado City  
(Hello Polygamists! It was craaazzzzyyy) 
 an expectation of warm weather that was sorely misleading 
 a little view of one of the 7 wonders of the world (i.e. The Grand Canyon)
 Want to know what makes the Grand Canyon even more fun? Having someone with you that's afraid of heights -- that way there's never a dull moment 
 sharing the Grand Canyon with people from 28 different states! (I counted all the license plates, so that's an exact number) 
 a delicious salmon dinner in the bustling city of Kanab (population: just over 3,000) 
 FINALLY watching all three Lord of the Ring movies (Mr. JP has been dying for me to see them, and I think achieving that goal was his favorite part of the weekend ha!)

It was a little bit chilly:

and windy:

This is definitely not the one who is afraid of heights, 
he was basically jumping off cliffs the whole time:

The whole family (minus the older brother, unfortunately)
Oh, and Mr. JP's hair and the wind got in a fight -- guess who lost...

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