Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Celebration 28 Years in the Making:

JP had a birthday last week! 
We celebrated his 28th year of life with a little Texas Roadhouse (where he ordered steak... AND ribs... typical.) and then the day after his birthday we had a little get-together with friends! 

We had snacks and treats and even a cake made from scratch. 
JP  and I spent about 4 hours the morning of the party making this white chocolate/raspberry buttercream 3-tiered cake that turned out tasting absolutely amazing, and was only slightly lopsided. 
It was so much fun baking together, even though I got a little bit bossy because he started deviating from the recipe instructions and I might have acted like he had committed the cardinal sin when he melted the butter all the way instead of just softening it... haha I think it's the start of an annual cake-baking tradition! ;)

Thank you to all of JP's friends who came and made the party to much fun, he felt very loved and it was the best getting to see and chat with everyone!

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  1. wow superb one thanks a lot for sharing with us,Many more happy happy returns of the day...