Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Friday Getaway...


It was the best day ever. 

Minus the fact that JP has just gotten a new job (literally this week) and had to work, thus missing the whole adventure. 

We drove down early Friday morning (like 6 AM early, it was killer, I'm a night person clearly.) and met up with some friends from New Mexico!

First up, we hiked to the Delicate Arch (you know, the one on all the Utah license plates!) 
It was grand actually seeing it in person and can I just say we had literally the perfect hiking weather?! No wind, sunny, but not hot. I mean whoa, it was like the weather stars aligned (that rarely happens for me haha). Then we saw some petroglyphs that would land you in jail for 5 years if you touched them. 

Then we hiked to Landscape Arch, then to Double O Arch which I think was my favorite -- mostly because we climbed right on top of that bad boy.

Honestly, it was the funnest day ever. 
I loved every minute of it. 
Utah is pretty freakin rad and I love getting to see parts of it for the first time. 

And now, for a million pictures: 

 ^^^ The whole fam-damily. 
Minus my husband, my sister on a mission, and my little brother who had an English test he couldn't miss.


  1. Whooooaaa that is a jaw dropping view!

  2. so happy i found your cute blog!
    i knew your sister at byu. hope she is loving n.j.!

    you will love salt lake. let me know if you need help finding places!

    1. Oh you're so nice!! And I definitely will -- this whole house hunting thing will seriously be the death of me haha