Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Night at the Opera:

JP and I classed it up this past weekend and attended the opening night of the Opera "Turandot"!
We honestly loved it and had such a great time (really, I'm not being sarcastic haha).
The opera is set in China but sung in Italian -- and they have the translation in English on screens so you aren't completely confused. 
The whole night was right up our alley -- we got to dress up, spend time in Salt Lake, eat candy, and try a new restaurant for dinner. It's like all of our favorite things! haha

 ^^^ They had a red carpet thing where they were taking people's pictures! And they insisted on taking one of us... ;)

^^^ Necessary. 

^^^ If you don't Snapchat it, were you really even there?


  1. Okay, WHERE is your skirt from? Love.

    1. You are so nice!! I wish I had a helpful answer, but full disclosure I found it in my mom's closet from the 90's!