Monday, March 10, 2014

Lucky 13

The weekend went by WAY too fast... and then daylight savings threw me for a loop too... I mean, when I walked outside this morning to go to work it was STILL DARK OUTSIDE?! What kind of cruel sorcery is this?? 
I'm joking... It's like this every year, you'd think I would get used to it by now haha. 

Anyways, what a great weekend we had!

Friday, I went to a bachelorette party for my cousin Caroline!! I love bachelorette parties and I love throwing them for people, but you don't get to enjoy it in quite the same way when you're the host, so it was really fun to attend purely as a guest!

Saturday, I had another bridal shower in the morning (and it was one of the classiest affairs I've ever attended, they had monogrammed napkins and toasts to the bride-to-be! I loved it. The bar has definitely been raised for future showers.)  and then that night we went out to eat with Eric and Kimmi! 
We absolutely love trying out new places and decided that tonight was a good night to redeem our attempt to go to Lucky 13 (we've tried once before but SOMEONE... i.e. me... forgot their ID so we couldn't get in...). 
This time around we got in without a hitch and ordered their amazingly delicious burgers (you should probably check out their menu here, they've won all sorts of awards for their burgers!).

And let me tell you, they did not disappoint. They are AMAZING! Oh my goodness I could go for one right now.

Then, on the drive home, we were stuffed but somehow there was still room/a desire for dessert (funny how that happens) so we swung through the Iceberg drive-thru (random I know but just wait) because this month only they have RICE KRISPY TREAT MILKSHAKES. I repeat, Rice Krispy Treat Shakes!!!!!

Go get one, they are a GAMECHANGER. 

JP and I split one and I really wished I'd had my own haha perfect way to end the night. 

^^^ crazy eyes. And sorry about the iPhone photos... It wasn't really a good place to whip out the dslr haha. 

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