Sunday, March 30, 2014

What's been filling my time lately:

Well first of all, because of this little announcement I made a while back, JP and I need to find a new place to live up in Salt Lake City!
So I have been making spreadsheets, scouring the classifieds online, comparing prices and locations, asking for opinions on facebook, following up with referrals and contacts, etc etc and hopefully we end up living somewhere we love! 

It's very exciting, this whole moving business and also bittersweet because we really like where we live now. But the allure of a fresh start in a new city is pretty intoxicating, so the house-hunt is on!


Second of all, we attended The Barrister's Ball aka Law School Prom again! Remember last year?
Well this year was even better, they added a photo booth AND italian sodas! haha
But seriously, JP has made such good friends during these last two years at law school, we feel very lucky to know and spend time with such wonderful hilarious people!

And last, but not least, a few links of things that I have been loving and showing everyone lately! Enjoy!

>>> If you've read Divergent or seen the movie, (or even if you haven't) you definitely should read this article! I loved it, so much. 

>>> Also, I've watched this video five times and still am almost crying laughing by the end.

>>> Have you heard about this movement? It's the most amazing innovative idea and such an easy way to make a huge impact. Join me and do it!!

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  1. Cool article about divergent and while I think it's a great message to say rape is wrong and good for her to stand up to it, I didn't like how they changed that scene from the book. In the book she's afraid of intimacy and even in her fear landscape four doesn't push her. It's her fear of wanting more but not being ready and fearing it. I liked how the book did it better. They addressed rape being wrong when the three boys attacked her instead. Still loved both the book and the movie :).