Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

This weekend we were invited to a surprise birthday celebration at the Hardware in SLC. 


  • Dress up!
  • Don't even THINK about coming without a fancy hat
  • Bring your dancing shoes

    It was SO fun! Culinary Crafts catered, the decorations were amazing (and handmade!), and although dancing isn't really my thing... Jean Paul lives for it, so he was burning up the dance floor and made me conquer my dancing fear (a little bit anyway)

     Look how stylin' Jean is!

     You can't contain us

    (photo cred goes to my dad)

    Yes, these were handmade by the talented party hostess, Lauren.

    I LOVE this building!

     me and madre with our hats

    Happy Sunday!


    1. My cousin's wedding was here! It is AMAZING. Seriously one of the best weddings I've ever been to. Love this. Love your face.

    2. These are the first pictures I have seen of it! I'm so sad that I couldn't be there!!!!!