Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Tour 2011

Meet Jani. 
She is the cutest. We met on my London study abroad and she even travelled with us after!
Her parents were life savers and met us in Salzburg, Austria at 4 AM and let us crash in their hotel room... it's quite the story actually.
But she is now a married woman! And so naturally we went to celebrate with her. 
She looked absolutely gorgeous and so so happy. 
The reception was fun too, they had a typewriter for guests to sign in on which we succeeded in breaking after using an entire page to write a very funny and probably noncoherent message. (the people in line behind us were not amused...)
London Friends 4lyfe.


The next wedding we attended was beautiful as well and my roommate Rach was a bridesmaid! 
I haven't seen her since winter semester ended in April!
 She might be of African descent, or maybe its just her Texan blood. 
I mean seriously look how tan she is!

And this is wedding #24 for me and Jean!
You'd think he would start to catch on wouldn't you?
just kidding, kinda.


  1. AHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAH i'm dying at that last part. like really, get with it Jean. jk. but really. ahh. okay i love this. and i can't believe how incredible you always look Grace! i am a total frump compared to you. you are just amazing and i'm so happy that we were random roommates and that you are in my life. such a blessing.

  2. OH I am so sad to miss the Wilmarth girls!!
    But seriously, that picture of you and Jean is fantastic.
    love you.