Monday, October 29, 2012


This weekend a bucket-list-item was fulfilled for me. 
I ran my first official half marathon!

It was an annual race know as the "Halloween Half"
and everyone is encouraged to run in some sort of costume. 

Some people really went all out... I'm talking full on face paint, props, the works. 
 I, on the other hand, knew my options were limited to something with black spandex because that's what I always run in in the mornings and really didn't want to change that because I'm superstitious. 
(I also don't double knot my running shoes...  I'm a superstitious freak it's fine. I'm knocking on wood constantly. )

my costume options, therefore, were limited to either a skeleton or a cat. So I joined my friends who were also running and we were a band of cats (herd of cats? pack of cats?).

It was so much fun. 
And so freezing cold. 
I think the next one I run will be in the middle of Summer... my toes were completely NUMB when I started running!

I had a goal to finish the race in under 1 hour 45 minutes and I am happy to report that I met that goal! 
At the expense of my legs though... I am REALLY feeling it right now, and walking across campus today has been a slow hobbling adventure.


  1. A group of cats is a "clowder." (I learned that from the Big Bang Theory- thank you, Sheldon Cooper!) And congrats on reaching your goal!
    PS- I LOVE your blog!! I found you through Pinterest and now I'm obsessed! (In a non-creeper way :))

  2. did you guys stop to pee on the side of the road?