Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!

Both Mr JP and myself have been literally counting down the days to colder weather. 
There are so many more wardrobe options! And we both suffer from something called cannot-stop-buying-new-coats-and-sweaters
It's a curse, truly.
 I love love love Fall outfits.

Not to mention the 20+ recipes I've pinned with pumpkin as the main ingredient and my affinity for flavored steamed milk from Starbucks... I say bring on the cold weather October!

This weekend Mr JP and I embarked on a scooter ride up the canyon to breath the autumn air and enjoy the gorgeous leave before they all fall to the ground! 


  1. Ug I wish I could wear a coat or sweater... dang AZ

  2. I like your 2nd picture in which you talk about Autumn and I really love the fall of maple leafs in autumn.

  3. soooo I stole your I love fall picture thing. but gave you credit, just sayin. :)