Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things I am Loving Right Now:

pulling my coats out of winter storage 
(can i get a hooray?! i still get giddy when i look at them on their coat rack)

when mr. jp informs me that "we really need to start planning what we're going to be for halloween, because something thrown together at the last minute really isn't going to cut it"
he then proceeded to ask if i would mind if he shaved his head so he can be "Bane" from Batman...

going 5 whole days without my nail polish chipping (5!)

weddings - i love love love weddings. everything about them. especially when the bride and groom-to-be met at mine and mr. jp's wedding! 
more about them later.

figuring out life plans. is there anything that brings more relief/satisfaction?
(by "life plans" i really only mean "life for the next 6 months" plans. but hey, i'll take what i can get)

teaching anatomy. i love it. it's been one of my absolute favorite parts of my undergrad experience. 

watching "downton abbey" with my mom. 
we haven't watched the newest episode yet because i've been studying for a test... and i am dying with anticipation. it is literally killing me slowly.

 when mr jp buys me sunflowers every time we go to costco... it's happened twice so far and i am determined to make it a permanent tradition.

oh, and all of these things too:


  1. Yes yes yes I agree with all of the above! I too have been waiting with dying anticipation to watch the latest episode of Downton!! Eric has been busy the last few nights and I can't watch it without him haha. I can't stop looking at coats to buy in Zara. I want like 8 of them! and I DEFINITELY laughed out loud about Jean wanting to be Bane!! Pleeeeease let him do it hahaha Love and Miss you!

  2. Pulled my coats out too and love it.