Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap:

This weekend was full of everything I wanted to do and nothing I needed to do haha. 

I had the privilege of attending my good friend's wedding dinner, sealing, and reception.
(the one I helped throw a bachelorette party for in this last post)
She met her now-husband at my wedding last year! Woohoo! Call me the matchmaker. I take far more credit for their marriage than I probably should :) I am so thrilled for them.
Her reception was in the neatest building in SLC, I attended a party there a couple years ago and it's still one of my favorite event spots.

After the wedding a group of us went and saw the movie Argo. Easily the best one I have seen in a while. Absolutely phenomenal.


Saturday morning I attended a cooking class with my sister and mother in law at the cutest little sewing/craft/antique boutique shop on Center Street in Provo called "Harmony" I was dying. I wanted to buy everything in there. 
Photo Cred: Shayla

And then spent Saturday night making Halloween crafts with my sister (imagine hundreds of pom-pom balls and pipe cleaners... obviously we were making spiders...) and getting hooked to the shows "Nashville" and "Last Resort". 
They were both soo good. My motivation to continue doing my schoolwork has taken a serious dive in light of these new shows... haha.


Happy Monday!


  1. I LOVE NASHVILLE! So great, right?!?

  2. yay! that anthro coat is back! it's always been one of my favorites.